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I love receiving feedback so I can continue to improve my services, and cater to the individual needs of each client. Read below for testimonials from past clients, and please contact me if you would like to provide your own feedback!

Supportive, caring expert

Ruby was superb. She was knowledgeable about HIOB. She answered questions patiently and I felt confident in the scheduled flights, insurance, etc. I truly appreciated her expertise and warm support.
— Victoria G.

Perfect trip without a hitch

Ruby was recommended to me by Outward Bound; she was fast, cost concientioius and extremely knowledgeable about flights, flight regulations, airline routing and trip insurance. She made my life easy and I felt confident entrusting my son’s travel itinerary with her. His trip went perfectly, he was even upgraded to first class which at fifteen years old made him feel pretty special.
— Cathleen W.

Really helpful!

I have not used a travel agent in years, but needed help figuring out a way to get my daughter home from camp in CA, back to the NY area - tricky, with connecting flights and time changes, etc. Ruby was very helpful in figuring out the best route and times for her, as trying to figure it out on my own, via the internet, was really difficult! Thanks, Ruby!
— Pamela F.

Europe river cruise

Outstanding assistance in planning river cruise in Europe. Planned side trips and got us a perfect rental car. Ruby is professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great trip and for making it easy as well as pleasurable.
— Paula M.

Great customer service

I’ve used Ruby for many years now. More than willing to pay the service fee for the extra special attention she gives on travel! Good job.
— Charles F.

Very helpful & knowledgable 

Was extremely helpful with travel plans and everything that needed to be done! Better Ruby then me! :)
— Wendy I.

Very attentive to travel requests and needs

I appreciate how Ruby responds to my requests for information and service while we plan and book travel. She provides full information in a friendly, timely, professional manner. Ruby knows travel! My wife and I have been very pleased with her service. We’ve really enjoyed the trips that she has booked for us.
— Tim C.

Great trip for the boss!

Ruby, Charlie’s trip to Pebble Beach was flawless. Thanks for all your hard work!
— Charles F.

Going above and beyond

Ruby works hard to arrange my most unsual, obscure, and remote trip details
— Helle S.

Expert friendly service

Ruby was extremely helpful and very quick in her responses to the bazillion questions we had about this particular trip.
— Shari R.

Outstanding service

Ruby is an excellent travel agent. Did a great job preparing the itinerary for my son. Highly committed, dedicated and wonderful. Awesome!!
— Laura H.

Very professional

As always, Ruby is the perfect travel counselor.
— Helle S.